Moving maybe an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful and daunting-especially if you’re not prepared.



Here are some essential moving tips in order to help you lessen the hassles of your moving experience.

1) Create a positive new mindset. Think of your move as something new, challenging and exciting. Believe that your dream house filled with so much promise and great possibilities is now waiting for you and it will all be worth it in the end. Having the right mindset on moving helps you have fun with the experience and all the great possibilities instead of focusing on the stressful preparations.

2) Just about 3 weeks before the moving proper, it’s about time to change your address. Fill out the change-of-address forms on your bills and utilities before moving out. And don’t forget the change-of-address form from the post office to be filled out, because it normally takes at least 2 weeks for the change of address to be enforced.

3) For your moving preparations, canvass around on a number of some estimates from the moving companies, unless of course, a friend is assisting you to move. Check carefully the contract so that you will not be surprised to find out later on about some hidden charges. Rather than paying by the hour, it’s actually wiser to negotiate a flat rate for your moving expenditures.

4) On the day of your move, be more mindful in keeping your legal documents, valuable and precious heirlooms with you and not to the movers. To make moving into your new home less overwhelming for you, forgo the cooking for now and just order take-out food. Plus, be thoughtful of your movers also by at least giving them extra money for their efforts. Or that helpful friend who assisted you. If a friend is too shy to accept your cash, well at least you can hand in something just a token of your gratitude for his efforts. For your male movers, they often prefer a can of beer over money.

5) And is there anything on the first night which you can’t live without? Just store all your basic essentials in your personal hand carried bag like your mobile phones, keys, toiletries, medicines and take them with you.

Okay, ready to move to your new home now? Welcome to your new home and your new life! Once you’re settled, life will simply be a breeze in no time!

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